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WHAP Semester Review Free Essays

string(348) " and presented the as together \(Influential\) Geneva \(city\), was a protestant community model, his ml colorless were most active in France, also ventured to Germany, low countries, England Scotland, and Hungary churches were established in these lands and worked reform for Protestant reformation; most successful= Netherlands and Scotland d c\." The Foundations of Christian Society in Western Europe: Chapter 16 a. Examine the invasions that plagued Europe after the fall of Rome. How WA s Europe influenced by these migrations? Why did Charlemagne appoint officials known as the miss Dominic Miss Dominic envoys of The Lord ruler. We will write a custom essay sample on WHAP Semester Review or any similar topic only for you Order Now They traveled every year to local jurist dictions and reviewed the accounts of local authorities Compare the role that Christianity played in Western Europe to the role played d by Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism in creating political and social unity in the postvocalic world. Discuss the life of a serf living on a manor in early medieval Europe. What coo old the serfs expect from the nobleman? What opportunities did the serf have? Serfs semi free individuals which owed obligations to the Lords (cultivated lands) Nomadic Empires and Eurasian Interchangeable 17 Examine the role of Genesis Khan played in the expansion of the Mongol MME ire. What were the foundations of his success? What was his legacy? First great leader of Mongol empire. Uses cavalry/ horses to surprise the enemy Describe the political and economic structures of the Mongol Empire under t e Khans No government, economic or social structure put in place. Khans use an indri etc rule. Tribe leaders report to the Khans. Examine the military campaigns of Kabuki Khan and how they impacted the Mongol Empire Tried to conquer Southeast Asia. Grandson of Genesis Khan. Western Europe during the High Middle Chapters 19 Examine the origins and growth of the Holy Roman Empire. What were its strengths and its main limitations? Otto becomes emperor in 962 CE. Ongoing conflict between the popes, meme Ross and the papacy (part of the pope). Both made large claims to the authority of Chris titan Europe. Examine the reign of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarous and describe e his relationship with the Catholic Church. Frederick Barbarous (also known as â€Å"the red beard has conflicts with the pop pep. He wanted to control Lombardy (N. Italy). Combine Lombardy with his German h loading which would lead to dominate Europe in one big state. Describe the political structure of Italy. (10001500 c. E. ) Cityscapes, Florence, Venice, Bologna, Genoa, Milan. These states were wealth y and dominated Urban districts. Examine the Norman invasion and explain why it was so successful. 66, William the Conqueror takes over England on Christmas Day European Exploration: Appurtenance’s 22 (joss) Why did dad Gamma sail to Calicle in 1498? He carried letters of introduction from the king of Portugal as well as cargo sees of gold, pearls, wool textiles, bronze ware, iron tools, and other goods that he hoped t o exchange for pepper and spices in India. He set up a trading post. Cinnamon and pe pper How were the Portuguese able to dominate trade with Asia? What food pr ducts were very important to them? Important crops included Indian pepper, cloves, and nutmeg. Why did the Portuguese force merchant ships to pay duties? O control trade routes by forcing merchant vessels to call at fortified trading g sites and pay duties What was the astrolabe used for? The astrolabe was a simplified version of an instrument used by Greek and Persian astronomers to determine latitude by measuring the angle of the sun or the p ole star above the horizon. European Exploration: Sheepshearers 22 How were the Spanish able to conquer the Philippines? What religion were the eye trying to spread? Spanish were able to conquer the Philippines because they had no central go Vermont, there was no organized resistance to the intrusion. The Spanish were trying t o spread Roman Catholicism What city was the center of Spanish commercial activity in Asia The city that was the center of Spanish commercial activity in Asia was Manila What did the Columbian Exchange lead to regarding the populations of Europe e and the Americas? The Columbian Exchange lead to a decrease in population in the Americas an d an increase in Europe. Overall increase in the World) Smallpox decreases popular Zion and more food products increases European population. European Exploration: British a. Describe Captain James Cook’s travels and the hardships he endured. Captain James Cook traveled to the pacific islands. He died in in a scuffle with the indigenous people Of Hawaii. He charted eastern Australia, new Zealand, and added new Caledonia, vaunt, Hawaii to European maps was his greatest accomplish hymen. It is also notable that he probed the frigid waters of the arctic waters. B. Examine the Seven Years’ War. What started this conflict? Who won and w hat were the longer consequences of this victory? (Chapters 22/23) The Seven Years’ War was a global conflict that took place in several geography which theaters including Europe, India, The Caribbean, and The Americas. This war was caused by the thirst of establishing markets and monopolies by European expo lowers. At the end of the war other countries were left in shambles as Britain stood victor rigorous and was foreseen as one of the greatest empires of that time period. Transformation of Europe: Chapter 23 a. Examine the career of Martin Luther. What were the foundations of his Reformation? What drove him to write the Initiative Theses Martin Luther taught that salvation in heaven is not earned by good deeds buy received only as a free gift of god’s grace. His theology challenged the authority y of the Pope. Wanted to translate the Bible from Latin to other languages so that the common man could read it. B. Explain John Calling’s role regarding the Reformation? Describe the Importance of his book, Institutes of the Christian Religion. E was a French lawyer who converted to Protestant Christianity in the sass, slipped across France (suppressed Protestants) to Switzerland organized a Protestant community and worked with local officials to impose a strict code of morality and discipline on the city his influential treatise Institutes of the Christian Religion (published 1536) and it systematized protestant teachings and presented the as t ogether (Influential) Geneva (city), was a protestant community model, his ml colorless were most active in France, also ventured to Germany, low countries, England Scotland, and Hungary churches were established in these lands and worked reform for Protestant reformation; most successful= Netherlands and Scotland d c. You read "WHAP Semester Review" in category "Papers" Examine the Council of Trend and explain its impact on the Reformation oft he Church The Council of Trend was an assembly of bishops, cardinals, and other high chi arch officials who met intermittently between 1 545 and 1 563 to address matters of doctrine and reform. The Council defined the elements of the Roman Catholic Church t hello in detail, as well as acknowledge the abuses that the Roman Catholic Church did; the council took steps to reform the Church. The Council demanded that church a authorities observe strict standards of morality, and it required them to establish schools and seminaries in their districts to prepare priests properly for their roles. D. After the Roman Empire crumbles, how did the Catholic Church unify Europe Catholicism had spread and remained dominant over much of the Roman E mà ªlà ©e’s lifespan. After the empire falls, in those times of uncertainty, people were sea aching for something to provide continuity and authority. Although people no longer bell engorged to the Roman Empire, they could still belong to the Catholic Church. E. Explain why Gigantic Loyola created the Society of Jesus. To extend the boundaries of the reformed Roman church, an offensive society f. Describe the key policies pursued by Louis XIV of France regarding the army , the economy, and the palace at Versailles. E encouraged court officials and prominent nobles to live at court, where his staff could keep an eye on them, Louis and his ministers ran the state from Versailles, the eye put out saws and controlled a massive standing army that kept order throughout the and they also promoted economic development by supporting the estab lishment of new industries, building roads and canals, abolishing internal tariffs, and encourage inning exports they waged a series Of wars designed to enlarge French boundaries and estate sis France as the preeminent power in Europe g. What were the consequences of the Peace of Westphalia? (23) The end of the seven years war Transformation of Europe: Scientific Revolutionaries 23 a. Examine the careers of Galileo Galilee and explain his impact during the Scientific Revolution. Galileo showed that the heavens were not perfect, unblemished realm in which h the Ptolemaic astronomers believed, but rather a world of change, flux, and many unsuspected sights. He took the telescope and turned it towards the sky, which h allowed him to see spots on the sun, and mountains on the months discredited the t hero that the heavenly bodies were smooth and perfectly spherical. He also noticed off r moons In the planet Jupiter and caught sight Of distant Stars, which implied that the nun verse was much larger than anyone expected. He also contributed in understanding tear astral motion. He had experiments that showed velocity of a falling object doesn’t m tater on weight, but rather the height from which they fall. B. Describe the importance of Newton’s theory of universal gravitation. Jugulate the motions of bodies throughout the universe, he offered precise mathematical explanations of the laws that govern movements of bodies on t he earth this allowed him t o work on the sciences Of astronomy and mechanics, also a Lowed him to explain a vast range of unrelated phenomena (flow of the tides gravitation al pull of moon and orbits of planets reflect the gravitational influence of the sun earth and other evenly bodies) served as the unquestioned framework for the physical ice once until the twentieth century c. Why were the early discoveries of the Scientific Revolution met with such resistance? In what ways did these discoveries destroy an old worldview and create a new one? The Scientific Revolution met with resistance from Ptolemaic scientists which scorned at the new discoveries made in the Scientific Revolution. With this debate it was hard for the revolution to gain much follow in the beginning, but later due to its accuracy icy, it destroyed the old worldview and created a new one. For example, Ptolemaic s nineties believed that the planets revolved around the Earth, but scientist Nicholas Co uppercuts claimed the planets orbit around the sun and the claim was supported with d ATA New Worlds: The Americas and Contraceptive 24 A. Examine the immediate impact of the Spanish arrival in the Americas. (Focus s on diseases) How did the encomia system work? What does the term â€Å"messiest† refer to? Spanish established the fort of Santos Domingo, capital of Spanish Caribbean, originally wanted to build forts and trading posts, no Silks and spice sees in Caribbean diseases. Like smallpox hit hard = demographic decline, the encompasses yester launched raiding parties to kidnap and enslave taints and other pep piles, first attempted to support their society by mining gold, recruitment of Taints I abort came through institutions encomia system gave Spanish settlers the right to co impel Taints to work in their mines or fields, in return for labor, Spanish looked eve r workers’ health and welfare and to encourage their conversion to Christianity. Cities a person combined Of native American and European descent B. Describe the relationship between Herman Cortes and the Aztec. Herman Cortes was a part of the conquest for Mexico (gold), they seized the e proper In Ethnocentric, they were driven away from the capital, Cortes sided the capital and in 1521 they stared the city into surrender, they basically fighter them very agar excessively and the Aztec resisted, Spanish had more weapons and horses though ask C. Why did the conquistadors not welcome Spanish bureaucrats to the New World? What were the two centers of Spanish royal authority in the Americas ? (16th century) Mexico and Peru (Lima or Newcastle) Explain the impact of the Treaty of Terrestrial. Treaty between Spain and Portugal in 1494. The a Treaty of Terrestrial divide d the oral along an imaginary northbound line. According to this agreement, Spain could claim land west of that line, so long as it was not already under Christian rule, Portugal gained the same rights along the North Eastern part of the South Am Rican Continent. Why did the Portuguese show more interest in Brazil? Who did the Portuguese e rely on to work on these sugar plantations? They relied on imported African slaves as laborers to work the sugar plantations Brazil had an abundance of sugar canes that was very economically profitable Explain the importance of controlling the fur trade in North America. Was lucrative and very profitable, Why did the British create a prison colony at Botany Bay? Cook reported that the region was suitable for settlement, in 1788 a British flee et arrived there carrying lots of convicts (eight hundred out of one thousand), they herd De sheep at this new penal colony Africa and the Atlantic World Chapter 25 a. Explain the role played by the Portuguese in the transformation of east and South Africa during early modern times. What were Portugal main goals? In 1482, a small Portuguese fleet initiated commercial relations with the king mom of Kong. Portuguese merchants had established a close political and diplomatic relationship with the kings of Kong. They supported the kings with resources . Kings of Congo converted to Christianity (King Fanons l) as a way to establish closer co imperial relations with Portuguese merchants and the Portuguese monarchy. Portugal’ s main goals were gold, silver, ivory, and most important Of all slaves. Soon after the Kong kingdom fell, the Portuguese went to the Kingdom of Indigo where they were e able to find an abundance of slaves. Examine maritime trade in early modern Africa. What kingdoms were created New kingdoms begun to emerge largely due to the fact of trade. Kingdoms like e Great Zanzibar was created. However later on, a series of smaller kingdoms dispel aced the rulers of Great Zanzibar. Europeans struck alliances with local people and pr vided them support with the aim of supporting allies and advancing their own inter sets,. C. In what ways did Islam and Christianity transform sub Sahara Africa? What happened to the indigenous religions? Islam Was the most popular in commercial centers Of west African and Swahili states in east Africa. Timeout had an Islamic university and 1 80 schools taught the Qua an. Islam was blended with indigenous beliefs and customs. Christianity as well blended d with the indigenous beliefs and customs. Tradition and Change in East Asia Chapter 26 a. Describe the political and social structures of East Asian societies. What type e of relationship did East Asian societies have with Europe? How to cite WHAP Semester Review, Papers

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